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Cancer awareness and support in your community

What #NOFA Means to us

Our Story

#NOFA began as a simple, unifying message: No One Fights Alone. In 2012, the Eastside Catholic volleyball team rallied around this mantra to support their head coach Angie, who was then battling cancer for the fifth time. It grew beyond the team and spread to the entire EC community, where it was quickly clear that cancer impacts everyone-that everyone's story has been touched by this disease.

While other events focused on raising awareness for specific cancers have been engrained in athletics for years, we wanted to have an event for ALL types of cancers to bring EVERYONE together. By raising awareness for every type, we can get to know one another's stories better and offer the support needed for the friends, families, fighters and survivors. 

In 2016, the No One Fights Alone Foundation was founded to be able to spread the #NOFA mission to other communities. High schools across Washington and Oregon have now hosted #NOFA nights for their volleyball, football, lacrosse, softball, and baseball teams. Donations given at each event are then deployed to our local partner organizations to provide services and support to those in the community who are in need. The No One Fights Alone Foundation can also provide subsidies for schools and organizations who are interested in hosting a #NOFA night.

The No One Fights Alone Foundation couldn't exist without the support of our friends in the community helping to put on #NOFA nights and spread the word, and we are extremely thankful to everyone who has donated their time and resources. No One Fights Alone!


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